Tritan Development

Tritan Development is a group of self-starter software engineers with an emphasis on networking, backend dev, web dev. Let's be real, we're not a business with full time devs. Every single project that we have made, has been made in our free time with the intent to become open source eventually. Yes, we have some weird projects! It's because our developers literally make whateverthey want, whenever they want. Everything we've made has been created to teach us something valuable.

Our Developers

dylan #9876

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(325) 420-6669 x 101

astrid #8008

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(325) 420-6669 x 102

crafter #0001

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(325) 420-6669 x 103

Bragging Rights

22.53TB of Enterprise Grade HDDs

330GB of Enterprise Grade DDR3/DDR4 Ram

We're working on interconnecting our ASN --> AS393577

Offered Services

Email Hosting

We offer a very cool free email service to basically throw all the shit on that you don't want on your real emails. We offer some funny domains, and you can bring your own if you reach out and ask. Our mail server has carddav, and caldav so you can use it for contacts and calendars too!

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VPN Hosting

Do you need a VPN? Probably not. VPNs provide a secure tunnel to a server acting like a proxy. Unless you're using a website that has no SSL, you're safe on public networks. So who does need a VPN? If you're a person that wants to hide what you're doing from your ISP, Orginization, School, etc.. a VPN is perfect for you.

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Server Colocation

We operate in two state of the art data centers, located in major cities within Florida. We're more than happy to work out custom colocation plans that are actually worth the price. The plus? You get personalized support and maybe a friend along the way. We have physical access to our racks in both data centers, join our discord to learn more, we're always happy to meet new people and share some knowledge.

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IP Announcements & Leasing

We will announce your IP addresses under our multi-homed ASN, which has a good reputation btw. Fun fact, the last owner of our ASN was roadrunner. Yes, roadrunner- AOL's dialup competitor. Isn't that cool? Yes, yes it is. Maybe you want some of our sexy RR ip's? Not only will we lease them to you at an amazing price, we'll also peer with your ASN if you have one! Yes, we're all about connecting people to our awesome services.

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Disposable Email Service

Need a throwaway email service that doesn't have a shitty UI? Wow, you've found it. Stop using sites from like 2009 made in php, it's 2022.

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Public Projects

Tritan Bot

Tritan Bot is a Discord Verified general purpose bot built with discord.js and express (yes, it has a dashboard included). Please read through the docs before even thinking about running this yourself.

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Windy Pink

Windy Pink is a custom ShareX file host to solve the issues created from all of the other shitty sharex hosts. Windy is entirely private, with security and personalization kept in mind.



An annonymous confessions site written in entirely nextjs, themed after Mean Girls' Burn Book. Uses mongodb, and a handful of react packages.

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L Generator

A cute website to give L's to people, made entirely in NextJS! Why? We don't know.

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A self hosted Grafana instance for internal use with statistics. You may request access via Discord.



Ah yes, a pastebin. I'm sure every developer team has hosted atleast one of them, but probably not this one.


Encrypted Expiring Messages

Send a secret message to someone with a one-time expiring link. Please note this is hosted on vercel, but everything is stored encrypted in memory and removed at the time that the link is visited. The page can be screenshotted and saved in cache on local devices though.


Private Projects

Browser Share

This is such a super awesome project, share a virtualized browser in a webcam chat styled site with friends (who can control it if you want).

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IRC Web Client

A very cute web client for our private IRC server! You can use your own IRC server or even use ours! We don't give a shit!!!

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Private DNS Server

We run a public facing DNS server that you can request access to with a valid usecase. The DNS results are filtered using trustworthy block lists.

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3CX Phone System

We wanted to create a funny IVR for our phone line, and ended up self hosting 3CX through SIP trunking. You can call us via phone at +1 (325) 420-6669.

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Mail Server

We self host a fully functional email server which includes caldav, carddav, and generating aliases on demand. You can request an account within our Discord Server.

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Private VPN

Access to our private no-logs VPN is requestable through our Discord Server to trusted members.

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Community Code Server

A semi-public VSC code server that is requestable through our Discord Server.

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We offer data center, hosting, and custom software solutions.

Call us anytime, we offer 24/7 phone support!
+1 (325) 420-6669